Healing Prayer

Pastor's Retreat

Healing Prayer makes a difference in the life of Pastors, Ministers and Combat Veterans!

Maybe You need more than relaxation and refreshment. Perhaps you are in need of the healing of body, soul and spirit. Perhaps you are asking God to shine a light on your path for the future. At your request, you can receive healing prayer from trained and experienced prayer ministers whose lives are dedicated to serving God in Jesus’ ministry of healing and deliverance. Our ministers Listen and Pray in an atmosphere of love for your physical and spiritual needs. Our highly trained prayer ministers are available to pray for your physical and spiritual needs. Weather you are in need of a physical healing or inner healing caused by the trauma of ministry or your past, we are here to assist you in the healing of memories and the wounds on our emotions (soul wounds). We are here to make sure you leave whole and complete in Spirit and Soul. With healing prayer, there is nothing that Jesus can't heal!
We pray for you, using the words of God confidently expecting Jesus to empower them through His Holy Spirit.