About Us

Our mission for healing others began with a desire to reach out beyond our churches and to ask Jesus to send the hurting to us. Our director Daniel Murray, had been a convener for the International Order of St. Luke for about 7 years and realized that they were only praying for the people in the Churches and those outside the Church were not coming to the healing missions.
Our ministry began training others how to heal during 2006-2007. We found a home where we could Minister to others the beginning of 2008. We opened the doors of the Christian Healing Center to minister healing through the power of the Holy Spirit to everyone at 4170 S. Ridgewood Avenue, Port Orange, FL in March of 2008. No doctrine or religion involved a truly Bible based, non-Denominational ministry based on God’s love. People from all walks of life and many beliefs came for Healing prayers. We have testimonies of many healing miracles of addictions of drugs and alcohol, healing of COPD, Scoliosis, healing of relationships, cancer, asthma, and the healing of soul wounds.
The Lord gave Daniel a vision for opening a home for healing for Pastors, Ministers, Ministry Leaders and Veterans. A place of refuge, renewal and rejuvenation. A place of refreshment and intercessory prayers to heal their hurts and traumas and to restore their relationships.
We were given a Word from Psalm 23 to be our motto:
“He Leads Me Beside Still Waters He Will Restore My Soul”
The Shalom Home will be a quiet, restful encounter with our Lord Jesus. It is to be a place of complete peace and trust. Your stay with us will be in complete confidentiality. We don't disclose any of your personal information. During your stay there are no scheduled activities except for home cooked meals and where you decide if and when you want prayer.
You can go out and sit by the lake, make yourself a cup of coffee, study the bible, read a book or spend time in prayer and meditation. You will have a chance to talk with other disciples of God during your meals. The dress is always casual. We want you to feel at home in our home.
Once a month or so, we will invite Veterans to come for healing of their combat traumas and their soul wounds. You will be able to make reservations to come based on availability of the rooms.
Shalom means Wholeness and Completeness and we pray for all those that arrive here to be made whole In body, soul and spirit. “By His wounds we have been healed.” 1 Peter 2: 24.