Pastor's Retreat


Welcome to the Shalom Home

A Retreat Home for Pastors, Ministers and

Ministry Leaders for Refreshment and Rest

The  Shalom home is a Pastor's Retreat and place of refuge to relieve the stress and anxiety caused by ministering to others. You and your spouse can relax in our quiet country setting. As you and your spouse rest and spend time with God, your souls will be restored. The Shalom Home Pastor's Retreat is a place of refreshing, empowerment and rest for Pastors, Ministers and Church Leaders, located in our "Oasis of Hope" property that has 10.5 acres in a quiet country setting.  There is a small lake next to the home.  Spend some quiet time with God on the bench on the dock.  The still waters of Psalm 23.  The Shalom Home Ministers, Pastors Retreat is an outreach ministry of the Christian Healing Center of Ormond Beach, FL.  Our prayer for you, is that you experience a quiet country setting so you can spend time in the presence of God.  No TV or internet service is provided.

Pastor's Retreat

Testimonies from Pastors who were guests at the Shalom Home Pastor's Retreat

"I came to the Shalom House to rest, to pray and to seek God for my personal well-being, my family and our church. Honestly, I was simply hoping to get some rest.  Indeed I did rest but I got much more than I bargained for. Daniel met me at the home when I arrived and immediately began to minister to me and pray for me. Wow, I could sense God at work from the moment we began to pray. Within 24 hours I had one of the greatest miracles I have ever seen happen.  This set the tone for one of the most incredible spiritual renewal weeks of my life. I spent the majority of my 5 nights alone with God. This home is a special place.  I can not thank Daniel Murray enough for what God did for me, my family and ministry while staying at the Shalom House. Thank you, thank you & thanks be to God!  I strongly recommend that any Pastor, Counselor or leader in the Kingdom stay at the Shalom House to be refreshed and blessed."  Pastor Joseph Palm, New Hope Church, Orlando, FL


”Through an internal confirmation from a Bishop from Ghana, I need a place to get alone with God for a few days. I found shalom Healing Home online. I did dome research and hesitantly signed up. Pastor Daniel has created a beautiful and restful place here. He also has made himself available for prayers, council and personal ministry. Shalom Healing Home has been for me what God designed for this moment in my life. As I head back to the church I pastor, I do so with the belief that there has been a shift from a difficult old season into a fresh productive and prosperous one.

Thank you Pastor Daniel for your obedience in creating a place for us to meet with God away from the busyness of life. Many Blessings,

Pastor Rodney Hall. October, 2021”


Hi Pastor Murray, Thank you for your hospitality. I have been filled with many blessings from the Holy Spirit during my stay at the Shalom Home Christian Retreat Center. I pray that God will keep you healthy and enlarge your territory in the years ahead. This home truly has the presence of the Holy Spirit. God Bless You!"  Evangelist David - Missionary to Ghana.

Dear Pastor Daniel, Thank you so much for the gift of the Shalom Home. It has been wonderful to be in quiet place where we can rest, read and pray. We oversee 3 ministries and needed to get away and I bless those that found you. God's richest blessings...Pastors Doug & Jennifer

Thank you for opening the doors of your home! This home is surely a safe haven and a place of peace, a green pasture beside still waters where He restores my soul. I so needed a quite corner to sit with Jesus and talk a while. Thank you!!...Cindy G.

Good evening Daniel, I'm really enjoying the stay here at shalom house, it feels like a good spiritual detox for me. You had prayed that my boys would experience God's love in a powerful way. I wanted to let you know that the Lord rapidly answered an amazing prayer as my son had a tough first year in college and lost a substantial scholarship. He wrote an appeal letter and sent it last night and this morning he heard word that he has been reinstated for a probationary year ahead. This is an amazing stroke of God's love to him and to us as a family....Pastor Charles

Pastors Retreat
Pastor's Retreat
Pastor's Retreat

Your Stay With Us

You're  invited to come and stay with us up to ten days at the Shalom Home for rest, restoration and empowerment. 
it is our priority to make certain that you leave refreshed, revived and rested.

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Making a reservation to stay with us at the Shalom Home is the first step in your restoration, refreshing and rest. Please check our Shalom Home Calendar for available dates. Once you have verified that the dates of your desired stay are acceptable to with your schedule, click the the link below to reserve your stay with us. We welcome all denominational and non-denominational  Pastors, Ministers and Ministry Leaders as well as Messianic Rabbis to be our guest. A suggested donation for a Master Suite $65/day and the regular Room $50/day.
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Come and relax and be refreshed at the Shalom Home. The Shalom Home is situated in a quite country setting just outside of Pierson, Florida. The Shalom Home is your secluded lakefront getaway with 8 acres that offers you a peaceful relaxing setting for prayer, meditation and reflection. Spend your time with God while you relax or even fish on our secluded lake front home specifically designed by God to meet your spiritual and physical needs.
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Pastor's Retreat

Get Refreshed

In the mist of the demands of His ministry, Jesus intentionally spent time with His Father for renewal and recharging. At the Shalom Home you are welcome to spend your time in focused prayer and mediation in our home, on the fishing dock or just relaxing under our big oak tree.


What To Expect

Our Shalom Home is very different than most homes or hotel. We maintain a loving spiritually charged atmosphere conducive for miracles. The love and presence of God is present throughout the property.


What's Included In Your Stay

A the Shalom Home you can stay with us as long as you need. Whether it's for a day or a week, we are here to make certain you leave refreshed, revived and healed! We want you to feel at home with us


Pictures of Our Home

During your stay at the Shalom Home feel free to use the available facilities on your schedule. Have breakfast in our family room with a view of our lake or just relax and pray anywhere on our grounds. Take time to fish, go on prayer walks or just relax under the large oaks as you commune with God in our quiet country setting.


Healing Prayers

Maybe You need more than relaxation and refreshment. Perhaps you are in need of the healing of body, soul and spirit or you are at the point of your ministry where you are possibly no longer sure of your calling. At the Shalom Home you can


Are There Fees?

At the Shalom Home the maintaining and expanding our ministry depends on the generosity of our guests...

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