Get Refreshed

Christian Retreat Center
In the mist of the demands of His ministry, Jesus intentionally spent time with His Father for renewal and recharging. The Shalom Healing Home is a Christ-centered ministry which operates a home of rest, renewal, restoration, refocusing  and hope to those in full or part-time ministry around the world.  Life in ministry can be difficult. There are rewards, many of them, but the reality is that life in ministry also comes with its challenges. Seminaries do an admirable job preparing men and women for ministry in the areas of biblical study, theology, and many of the practical aspects of doing ministry. However, many Christian leaders are inadequately prepared for the hidden hazards and stresses of being in the ministry. We spend our days caring for others, providing for their needs, listening with a loving ear and providing counsel, but where do we go when we need care, counsel, or a listening ear? When faced with burnout, conflict, and the inherent hazards of ministry, where can pastors and missionaries go for a tangible source of encouragement, affirmation, and refreshment? At The Shalom Healing Home, you’ll find a safe and confidential place—a place of relaxation and rest from the influences of the outside world. We are here for you as you seek healing and renewed strength for ministry. You are welcome to spend your time in focused prayer and mediation in our home, on the fishing dock or just relaxing under our big oak tree.
Our prayer for these ministries is that those who benefit from our services will be spiritually rejuvenated and encouraged as they return to a healthy and productive ministry. 

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