Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Shalom Healing Home intended for?

The Shalom Healing Home is a nonprofit organization under the umbrella of the Christian Healing Center, Inc. Ormond Beach, FL with a specific target to serve pastors and ministers in Full-time or part-time ministry, missionaries, church leaders or combat veterans who need healing of their body, soul and spirit. We have a heart for Christian leaders who need healing and empowerment. We also have a heart for any combat veteran who suffers from the trauma of service (PTSD). The Shalom Healing Home is not a “Hotel” or a “Bed and Breakfast”. Our home is here to serve those who are need of healing and empowerment and not a vacation.

What is check-in time?

We would prefer you come mid-morning and leave mid-afternoon, but we understand your timing may not permit coming at these times, so we are flexible with both arrival and departure times. Check out time is 11am.

How long can I stay?

The Shalom Healing Home is booked from Monday mid-morning until Friday afternoon.

Can I bring my pet… or my children?

We love children and animals, but the ministry is designed to provide healing, restoration and empowerment for couples and singles. We have to keep in mind that you may be sharing a room with another pastor or minister and the fact that our home is located in a country setting, therefore, the Shalom Healing Home would not be the best environment for pets or children. Our goal is to maintain a constant spiritual atmosphere that is conducive for pastors restoration, healing and empowerment, so in respect to the other pastors and ministers staying at the Shalom Healing Home and their needs, we ask that you make arrangements for your children or pets to stay with a relative or trusted friend while you are with us. Our home is designed to be a quiet oasis in the country for healing, restoration, and empowerment.

Are meals included?

Yes! The Shalom Healing Home provides a breakfast at 8am, a lunch at Noon and a dinner served at 5:30PM. We also provide hot and cold beverages available all through the day. Please let us know if you have ANY special food needs or requirements!

What should I bring?

When you arrive we’ll have a warm and comfy bed in which to stay! This includes a shared bedroom with linens and blankets, pillows and towels. You maybe sharing a room with another visiting pastor or minister. Please be aware of what you will need to bring toiletries including shampoo, soap and any other personal items such as medications.

You may want to also bring the following:

Your Bible, Journal and/or writing material.

Things you CANNOT bring:

»Cigarettes, cigars or pipes (This is a nonsmoking environment. Besides being a big fire risk!)
» Alcohol (liquor or beer), illegal drugs or medications not in your name, firearms or self-defensive weapons.

What about TV, Internet, and Cell phone use?

You won't need it!. We purposely don’t have TV’s or Internet. Our recommendation is that you try and “unplug” and allow yourself the time to connect with God in solitude and quietness away from the noise of today's digital life. We don't want to let electronic devices distract you from the main reason you’re here…to get away and hear from God!

How much does it cost?

We rely on the donations of our guests to operate the home. We do however request a $100 reservation deposit when you reserve your dates. We go to great expense to prepare the home for our guests so if you don't show up, the reservation deposit is non-refundable. However, if you cancel your reservation 7 days before your arrival date we will refund your reservation deposit.